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Created 24-Dec-12
58 photos

_MG_3629 Wattie Brown_MG_3617 Keith Riley_MG_3598 Alan Oversby_MG_3590 David Walker_MG_3543 Clint Faulkner and Ben Gray_MG_2697 Wattie Brown_MG_2690  Gary Thwaites_MG_2640 Gary Anderson and Stewart Lithgow_MG_2620 Kez Williams and Jennifer Wilson_MG_2610 John Macaskil and andrew Dunkerley_MG_2599 Ian Salter and Tim Dixon_MG_2430 Keith Riley_MG_2247 Rob Walker_MG_2209 Martin Hudson_MG_2192 Nigel Clarke_MG_2063  Angela Cragg_MG_2038 Neil Cudworth_MG_2016 John Davidson_MG_1808 Colin Lewis and Michael Reid_MG_1794 Ian Johnson and Kevin Rougham

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