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Created 8-Dec-12
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_MG_4264 DOODEMAN Wil_MG_4265 MULLER Peter_MG_4461 Degueldre Michel_MG_4485 Degueldre Michel_MG_4558 Degueldre_MG_4566 Thirifays Alain_MG_4568 ELBERSEN Cor_MG_4569 SONNEBORN Bert_MG_4593 THIRIFAYS Alain_MG_4813 Keld Andersen_MG_4817 UNISSART Lancelot_MG_5086 PILLING Bill_MG_5091 DOODEMAN Wil_MG_5120 VAN DIEVOORT Arne_MG_8632 FOSSATI Franco_MG_8640 EVERS Heinz-Werner_MG_8815 Peter Rogiers and Pierates Lawrence_MG_9584 JOHNSON Philip and Thierry Muller_MG_9588 Thierry Lucas_MG_9602 UNISSART Lancelot

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