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Created 20-Dec-12
29 photos

_MG_2420_MG_2416_MG_2415 Wlliam Dunlop spraying Champainge_MG_2412 William Dunlop Sprays Ian Lougher with Champaigne_MG_2411 William Dunlop Sprays Ian Lougher with Champaigne_MG_2408_MG_2407_MG_2404_MG_2403_MG_2399_MG_2398 Ian Lougher getting Interviewed_MG_2397_MG_2396 Roy Richardson and Ian Lougher_MG_2387 Roy Richardson and Ian Lougher_MG_2223 Lougher leads Richardson_MG_2192 Ian Lougher leads Roy Richardson_MG_2178 William Dunlop_MG_2160 Peter Wakefield_MG_2130 William Dunlop_MG_2102 Martin Loicht

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